Serve was formed in 1981 as an information and resource agency providing support for older people in the Rushden area of Northamptonshire.
The organisation now covers the wider area of East Northamptonshire and parts of Wellingborough.
Serve was initially operated solely by volunteers and is proud of its traditions; it remains fundamentally a voluntary organisation but many of the services are now delivered by trained, paid staff.
Serve has a client base of 6,000 and employs 91 people, generating an annual turnover of over £1 million (2011/12).

Serve's range of service provision covers:

  • Day and Homecare
  • Community Transport
  • Daily Living Equipment & Mobility Products
  • Hearing Aid Assistance
  • Handy person services
Brain Injury Group: Specialist legal advice service

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    19 Church Street, Rushden, Northants, NN10 9YU         01933 315555   

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